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Friday, December 4, 2009

First Post =)

First of all I'm Jasmine*


I can't believe I'm actually writing my 1st post cuz this took me like ages...pheww~ Okay, that's because I procrastinate much...YEAPPP! that's me! Anyway, I really wanna jot down bits n' parts of my life, just so that I rmb them and of course share them with my viewers =) I doubt whether anyone will enjoy reading my stuff but whatever~ I'll just give it a try....

Okay back to the main point...What really gave me the urge to create this blog was my trip back to Malaysia. This is really meaningful to me and I wanna rmb every single happy thing I've been through. So here it is! My blog..currently named Jascendency, meaning Jasmine with the power to control...LOL....Hope u guys like it =D