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Monday, July 26, 2010

New Hair Colour!


I Dyed my hair…
Just bought a drugstore hair dye and got Amelia to apply it on for me…
money saving* yeah!
So this is the hair dye I bought…
Garnier Nutrisse No.9 Light Blonde
Oh don’t get shocked…I know, I know, it’s blonde…LIGHT BLONDE…haha
Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want my hair to be blonde, not that I can’t pull it off it’s just that I go for more wearable colours…
light brown maybe? Something like that =) HEHE
Anyway, I suppose the hair dyes manufactured here are made to suit western hair types, so it won’t be as effective on asian hair…especially when you have natural black or dark hair…Mine is dark brown…so yeah…Amelia tried dying her hair Iced Chocolate using L’oreal Crème Gloss before but it didn’t work, her hair colour stayed the same…

So blonde hair dye’s suppose to react with my hair colour and turn it into light brown…

I guess…

So I tried it and it actually came out great…loving my new hair colour, my hair’s evenly coloured and the colour’s lighter than before…

Thanks to Amelia !!

Hugs n’ Kisses*

Monday, July 12, 2010

TFC gathering

28th June 2010 (Monday)

Aww I’m so happy today…After graduating from TFC we haven’t really met up much…It’s not that easy anymore since we’re all doing different courses.
Kevin’s even on to flying school…I really miss the good old days.
We spent almost every break together, gossiping, talking in different languages, teaching me tagalog and much more in our warm rendezvous — science space.
TFC stands for “Tertiary Foundation Course” in case you were wondering…

Met Rachel’s brother for the first time too =) Now Four POONs are rocking Auckland…Jasmine Poon, Amelia Poon, Rachel Poon and Ian Poon…HAHA…
gotta plan our Poon Lunch soon, Amelia hasn’t met Ian yet…

We had Japanese food for lunch at Daikoku, a restaurant we used to go quite often too...Coffee at Starbucks after lunch, surprise surprise coffee addict Jasmine didn’t feel like having coffee…I’m actually trying to reduce coffee intake, mummy’s been nagging a lot…
Plus it really isn’t good for health…
I drink a lot more water now, so applause for me…hehe =P

They called me the Russian girl...LOL

on the train =)

Katsu Don I had, couldn't finish it =(

with kim and sophie...

Girl Power...I LOVE this photo =)
T-to the-F-to the-C !

miss you girls~

Kim and I...we used to take heaps of photos =P

stupid face XD

Group Photo

winter look...

Ian was trying to prove he can fit everyone into the photo...nice one

looking forward to our next gathering!

p/s: some photos were captured by my phone so they're pretty bad quality...i think you can tell =)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Ogre Objection

27th June 2010 (Sunday)

Outing with Amelia and Mi Yoen
Mi Yoen’s such a lovely korean girl…She’s amelia’s classmate…
We went to St.Lukes shopping mall…
Well at first it was just an outing for both of them cuz my sister wanted to watch Shrek Forever After...The problem is I hate Shrek…watched the first Shrek movie and I was disgusted so badly I didn’t even feel like watching the rest…no offence they do have a interesting “anti fairytale” thing going on but it just makes me uncomfortable…
But…But…It’s a Sunday and I didn’t want to stay at home so I tagged along …LOL

Who cares I’ll give Shrek Forever After a try…
Okay so after the movie I still HATE Shrek….HAHAHA =P
The storyline was good though…
I like how they came up with Rumpelstiltskin and Fiona as Xena the warrior princess or something…Puss in boots looks soo cute with the big belly too XD
Oh yeah, I would love to have a custom made pipe that the piper fella had in the movie too…
Then I could set it to exam mode or coursework mode…so my pen will automatically do my work and all I have to do is blow the flute…Dream on Jas* LOL

MacDonald’s Ogre Meal…Feed the Ogre in You~ Yerr….It’s only a chicken patty, lettuce and tomato burger btw=.= the green drink is frozen green apple

Japanese and Korean ? HAHA

Wait…not ready yet…

Nah, my McChicken Burger….
This is funny… SWAMP WATER sold at the cinema…gross~~
Hey there prince charming~

why is my hair so messy here =(

With Marmaduke…the man behind looks like a zombie …scary

Day out in the City

26th June 2010 (Saturday)

A day in city…
Weather wasn’t nice though, was bit colder than I thought so macha and I were freezing~~
It was so funny we kept asking each other for hugs,
even felt like buying jackets and wear them on spot…
Eventually we just went for sizzling hot dinner to heat ourselves up!

i love accessories *wink*

Amelia getting her huge mop trimmed…HAHA

peace up, peace down ^^V

Amelia looks like Bubu(my youngest brother) here…and what’s with the hand ?! LOL

Tried to model…such a failure =(

another friday!

25th June 2010 (Friday)

Weekly dance lessons with sis =)
We just love taking photos…or maybe it’s just me =P

some photos we took whilst waiting for the train...

ignore the stuff behind, it's not my car =P

soup at restaurant...i look hungry huh...LOL

Friday, July 9, 2010

New Addiction

My new addiction

Loving green tea ice-cream lately…gotta have a big bowl every night…

what happened to my diet plan? Arghh…

Meetin' up with the girls

24th June 2010 (Thursday)

About a week into mid-year holidays and missing my classmates already!
We met up for coffee at esquires =)
Chit chatted about so much random stuff but it was really fun…

Thank you girls for the lovely evening…XOXO

on the way, excited~

Me and ma favourite caramel macchiato*
Muchien, she's from Ipoh too =)

Jia Yan the smart cookie!

MuChien and Ellen...two pretty girls ;)

With the lovely SinYee...

My Head looks Big =(

Did you have a nice day? I did =)