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Monday, July 26, 2010

New Hair Colour!


I Dyed my hair…
Just bought a drugstore hair dye and got Amelia to apply it on for me…
money saving* yeah!
So this is the hair dye I bought…
Garnier Nutrisse No.9 Light Blonde
Oh don’t get shocked…I know, I know, it’s blonde…LIGHT BLONDE…haha
Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want my hair to be blonde, not that I can’t pull it off it’s just that I go for more wearable colours…
light brown maybe? Something like that =) HEHE
Anyway, I suppose the hair dyes manufactured here are made to suit western hair types, so it won’t be as effective on asian hair…especially when you have natural black or dark hair…Mine is dark brown…so yeah…Amelia tried dying her hair Iced Chocolate using L’oreal Crème Gloss before but it didn’t work, her hair colour stayed the same…

So blonde hair dye’s suppose to react with my hair colour and turn it into light brown…

I guess…

So I tried it and it actually came out great…loving my new hair colour, my hair’s evenly coloured and the colour’s lighter than before…

Thanks to Amelia !!

Hugs n’ Kisses*


  1. well dear.u look great in your new hair colour
    i wish i can try the light blonde.=]
    but scare it will be OVER for me.XD
    anyways,stay pretty always.XOXO

  2. Thanks dear...i can help u buy the hairdye if you really want to try it...If you don't dye your hair often and natural colour's quite dark then should be ok...the colour just looks lighter in photos...XOXO

  3. but i always dye my hair one dear XD
    and my hair will look bright easily~
    yea i can see that.
    u looks great and nice with that hair colour.
    like it XD

  4. Just wanna say that it wouldn't matter what ethnical background you are. if you have a dark brown or black hair colour no basic box blond dye would work. :P to achieve any blond shade you would have to use a bleaching agent. (I've gone through it plenty of time lols) But the colour looks great! if your ever thinking of highlighting remember to use a box dye that uses bleach powder or go to your local beauty store and purchase either a level 20 or 30 peroxide with bleaching powder! (none box works the best)

    Your hair looks great!