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Monday, July 12, 2010

TFC gathering

28th June 2010 (Monday)

Aww I’m so happy today…After graduating from TFC we haven’t really met up much…It’s not that easy anymore since we’re all doing different courses.
Kevin’s even on to flying school…I really miss the good old days.
We spent almost every break together, gossiping, talking in different languages, teaching me tagalog and much more in our warm rendezvous — science space.
TFC stands for “Tertiary Foundation Course” in case you were wondering…

Met Rachel’s brother for the first time too =) Now Four POONs are rocking Auckland…Jasmine Poon, Amelia Poon, Rachel Poon and Ian Poon…HAHA…
gotta plan our Poon Lunch soon, Amelia hasn’t met Ian yet…

We had Japanese food for lunch at Daikoku, a restaurant we used to go quite often too...Coffee at Starbucks after lunch, surprise surprise coffee addict Jasmine didn’t feel like having coffee…I’m actually trying to reduce coffee intake, mummy’s been nagging a lot…
Plus it really isn’t good for health…
I drink a lot more water now, so applause for me…hehe =P

They called me the Russian girl...LOL

on the train =)

Katsu Don I had, couldn't finish it =(

with kim and sophie...

Girl Power...I LOVE this photo =)
T-to the-F-to the-C !

miss you girls~

Kim and I...we used to take heaps of photos =P

stupid face XD

Group Photo

winter look...

Ian was trying to prove he can fit everyone into the photo...nice one

looking forward to our next gathering!

p/s: some photos were captured by my phone so they're pretty bad quality...i think you can tell =)

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