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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Ogre Objection

27th June 2010 (Sunday)

Outing with Amelia and Mi Yoen
Mi Yoen’s such a lovely korean girl…She’s amelia’s classmate…
We went to St.Lukes shopping mall…
Well at first it was just an outing for both of them cuz my sister wanted to watch Shrek Forever After...The problem is I hate Shrek…watched the first Shrek movie and I was disgusted so badly I didn’t even feel like watching the rest…no offence they do have a interesting “anti fairytale” thing going on but it just makes me uncomfortable…
But…But…It’s a Sunday and I didn’t want to stay at home so I tagged along …LOL

Who cares I’ll give Shrek Forever After a try…
Okay so after the movie I still HATE Shrek….HAHAHA =P
The storyline was good though…
I like how they came up with Rumpelstiltskin and Fiona as Xena the warrior princess or something…Puss in boots looks soo cute with the big belly too XD
Oh yeah, I would love to have a custom made pipe that the piper fella had in the movie too…
Then I could set it to exam mode or coursework mode…so my pen will automatically do my work and all I have to do is blow the flute…Dream on Jas* LOL

MacDonald’s Ogre Meal…Feed the Ogre in You~ Yerr….It’s only a chicken patty, lettuce and tomato burger btw=.= the green drink is frozen green apple

Japanese and Korean ? HAHA

Wait…not ready yet…

Nah, my McChicken Burger….
This is funny… SWAMP WATER sold at the cinema…gross~~
Hey there prince charming~

why is my hair so messy here =(

With Marmaduke…the man behind looks like a zombie …scary

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